Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Homeschooling Room!

Today I want to show you our homeschooling room! This whole summer I thought I was going to use our enclosed garage area that we have. This weekend though we decided there just was not enough natural light in that room. We have decided to use what is considered the master bedroom in this house. Don't worry we were not using that room as our room anyways. The rooms are all very small and its not a normal size master. We are sleeping in a room that gets cooler air to it as well! We have not painted this room yet either. We are in a rent house and the landlord only wants colors that aren't crazy. I want to do a very soft grayish white color in here so we will see if we can do that. We went ahead though and put everything up because painting is not on my list of things to be done right now :) 
Here is his desk area. For now. We are debating about selling it and getting him a new one. I want to sell, Hubby not so much. He thinks it will work just fine. So for now he is using it till we make up our minds :) We have all of his books up top that are themed based. So I can use them with our curriculum. On the bottom shelf we have our curriculum (not all of it since I am putting it all in binders to make it easier to store) and we have helpful books that we can use if need be. 
*and no the computer screen is NOT Monsters. This is my husbands he uses with his laptop for work when he needs to do work from home. However, Monster said he would love to have it for Mommy's computer...ok maybe Mommy said it but still I love it!

This area is for Monster to chill out and read a book or two. I love it! Our friends gave it to us this weekend for free. They are awesome people! Monster loves it because Daddy showed him it can pull out to a comfy bed! 

This is our white board/calendar/art wall. It works perfect for the size of the wall. On the right side is all closet space that my husband uses for his clothes. We are going to get a curtain to hang over the closet at some point so it is covered. 

I also hung up a number line since we will be using one with his curriculum for math. It goes -20 all the way to 100. 

Space posters! We will be using Exploring Creation with Astronomy for his Science so I bought these to have as well. 

So far that is the room. I have one wall left but it is not complete. We are putting shelves up since I don't have any other storage than the desk. So once that is up I will post pictures. I also want to get a fun big rug for the middle of the room to take away from the tan walls and ugly carpet our landlord won't let us change! 
Here is hoping tomorrow goes well!!! 


The Zookeeper said...

Looks like a great room to learn in!

Kelli Wood said...

Thank you!!! I am hoping my son enjoys it!