Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 17

Well I thought this morning would be the perfect morning to start off with making some banana muffins. I have been trying ways to get Monster to try new foods. I thought maybe if he helped make them he would eat them. #FAIL big time... 
Helping me mix it all together.

Adding the sugar.

Mixing up some of the ingredients before adding them to our dry ones.

He is all smiles now....

He kept saying "this is gross"

Ok, so here we are taking the first bite! 

And his reaction to them...

Oh yes this kid is DRAMATIC!!!!! 

Yep all this after ONE BITE! Needless to say he would not eat anymore. I asked him WHY????? What is so gross about them? His answer.... because they have salt in them! You can not even taste the salt but because he helped me put it in there, he knew it was in it! So, being a teaching moment, I got out his bag of donuts he just LOVES and showed him all the gross ingredients in them...including SALT! Thinking ok if he sees that donuts have salt in them too he won't eat the donuts... boy was I wrong. So much for him helping me cook. 

Math- At least this was easier than getting him to eat a banana muffin! We worked on word problems and then reviewed some other lessons we have been working on. 

Phonics- Today we worked on adding ay/ai/ee//ea to letters to make words. We also did a review because tomorrow he will be having his first Phonics test. We also read out of his Phonics book. 

Social Studies- We finished our lesson about Pennsylvania today. We learned about their state animal: White Tail Deer. Beautiful animal. We also has a taste test with chocolate and to my surprise (considering the muffin thing) he liked the white chocolate. I am not a fan of white chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate! 

Have a great day! 

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