Thursday, September 5, 2013

3rd Day of Homeschooling...

Today was the day! Monster slept in till 9:45 a.m! Which means Mommy slept in too! Wahoo! It only happened cause he went to bed late last night. But hey, we got some good sleep! This morning we got up and had breakfast and then our day started! Tomorrow will be completely different than the rest of the week because tomorrow is our first day of Co-op! I am excited about it because it will give Monster a chance to learn some other things outside the home! He is taking a Critical Thinking class and a Creative Drama class! Here are some pictures for the day. Next week I may start doing just a weekly post of how our week went, unless I feel like something needs it own post! 
His journal topic this morning. He, of course, wrote about the Wii...

Working on some review Math.

Here is he actually working in his journal. He changed into his regular clothes.

We worked some more on Math at the end of our school day too. 

I did not get any pictures of it, but we also did Language Arts and Science again. Next week will be a full week. We will start doing two days of Science and the other two days of Social Studies with all the other subjects in between :) 
Next week I will also have a review and giveaway up of something very awesome! So stay tuned! 


Christopher Wood said...

I love the transition from starting the school day shirtless and without glasses to covered with glasses on. Its almost as though he is a superhero learning as both himself and with his alter ego.

Hope day 3 was great for you both!

Kelli Wood said...

Today went great! He did really well and no complaining today about wanting to play the Wii during "school hours"!