Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 18

Day 18- Today we started with our Phonic test (after we made applesauce). Monster did very well on his first Phonics test that covered lessons 1-10. 
Here he is working hard on his test :) 

Next, he worked on Math. This was very easy for him. He had to write the time for the hour. He did this with no problems. The rest (front and back) were pretty much review since it is all stuff he has already done. I did all my lesson plans for October last night and noticed we will finally be getting into the "harder" stuff soon. Like adding with double digits and money! I will finally feel like I am teaching! All our stuff right now he has picked up quickly so I am hoping he does the same with the rest! 

Since today was also Johnny Appleseed's birthday, he made a little book called The Story of Preston Appleseed. I read him the story of Johnny Appleseed and he created a short story about himself and apples. 

Here he is working on his book and wearing his pan hat! 

Here is his very short story! 

We also did Science but for some unknown reason I did not get a picture. He wrote down in his Science journal why it is bad to look at the sun! 

He liked his hat!

This was just something fun. He was playing with his thinking putty I got him at the convention back in May. We bought it from Timberdoodle. 

Here he is reading a book he got from the library yesterday. Bad Kitty's Christmas. 

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