Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 6&7 of homeschooling

Day 6: We started with our Daily Notebook and Journal.

Monster working in his Daily Notebook!

Monster working in his journal. He wrote that his three wishes would be a talking cat, a talking car and a house with stairs! Silly boy! 

Here he is rainbow writing his sight words! He write them out them takes each color of the rainbow and writes over the words with every color! 

Here he is working on his Math. Right now he is doing so well with this because it is all review. Next week we start really getting past the review and into 1st grade Math!

He is doing so well! We also did Science but I did not get any pictures of this. Thursday we will make our first solar system out of balloons! 

Here is his "quit taking pictures of me" look! 

Day 7: 
Checking the weather outside for his Daily Notebook! 

Writing down the weather! 

Working on Math on his clipboard today! The couch is a great spot to work on Math! 

Really working hard! 

He gets done so fast with his Math! I hope the rest is just as easy for him! 

Today we finished our lesson on Delaware. We worked on our state report. He had to fill in the worksheet so I wrote the questions on the white board and he told me the answers. The ones he didn't know we looked up and found the answers! He liked that a lot! 

This was some of the questions and answers. (ignore the random q at the bottom. we were talking about how my q in sq wasn't correct. I told Monster I just wrote it different and showed him what is considered to be correct.) 
We also went over his sight words again and I told him tomorrow he has to do his first Spelling test. He should do great since he knows all the words for this week! I told him I would give him extra points if he used two of his sight words in two sentences at the end of the test! So we will see how he does! 

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