Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 12&13

This week has been really good. We haven't felt that great but Monster is still doing his work and doing it well!

Day 12:
Working on Phonics! 

Working on his Math. He likes to sit other places than the desk.
We tried letting him sit on the ball, but that just became a huge distraction! 

He finally found his spot on the floor! 

He is doing very well with his Math. I am loving Horizon! 

For Social Studies he did the state worksheet on Pennsylvania. 

He played learning games on Pennsylvania too!

He watched a video about Phil the Groundhog! 

He really enjoyed the video and said he wants to go visit the groundhog! 

Day 13-
This morning Monster had his first Math test! He did great on it!!! 

His two "g's" joined us but they were napping ;) 

Working on his lesson 10 in Math! We learned about tally marks and then reviewed some other Math.

Reading his phonics book

Working on phonics worksheets.

Working on his Science vocabulary.

He really enjoyed this lesson today! 

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