Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy birthday Johnny Appleseed! (homemade applesauce)

Today, I decided that since it was Johnny Appleseed's birthday we would celebrate by making applesauce! 

All ingredients ready to go! 

Monster helping me cut apples. I would push this thing down and he would tear them off and put them in the strainer to be washed! 

He was trying to push it down himself! 

Putting apples in the strainer and sneaking an apple piece! 

Water in!

Cinnamon in! 

Covered and ready to bake! 

In the middle of baking....

All done and ready to eat. I did leave the skins on and just threw out the large ones that did not smash up well. 

Doesn't he look thrilled. You would of thought that I would of learned my lesson yesterday with the banana muffins! 

Got to love that face! 
Yes he has had applesauce before. He loves applesauce. He even told me he was excited to eat some. Then he took a bite. I thought maybe it tasted funny being homemade. So I tried it. Nope, tasted just fine. Maybe no more cooking for awhile... 

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