Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We survived our first day!

This morning our day started at 8 am. This was not intentional either. I figure I will let Monster decide when he wants to get up, eat and then start the school day. I guess this morning he was ready to go! We started off with our Daily Learning Notebook, then journal time, Language Arts, Science, Math, then last Social Studies. We had a break after Language Arts so Mommy could eat breakfast. I am very proud of Monster for his first day. He did have a few moments where he got sidetracked but we got right back on and he finished all his work before lunch at 11:00. Here is our first day in pictures: 
Working in his Daily Learning Notebook. Writing his name.

Writing the date and weather.

Looking outside to see what the weather is... cause you know we are in Texas and we never know what the weather is going to be...hot..hotter...hottest?!?!
Quietly working in his journal.

Writing the date in his first journal entry! He had to write about himself! 

Working on Activity 1 for Language Arts. 

Coloring his Science pages while Mommy reads about Astronomy.

I asked him what Aster stands for and what Onomy stands for. He was thinking. 

Coloring is hard work! 

Working on Math. Practicing writing 0-5 today. Next week we will start our workbooks from Horizon! 

This year we are doing Cantering the Country. We started with Delaware since it was the first state. Here he is making our salt dough map. We have to let it dry over night so we will paint it tomorrow and add landmarks and I will post pictures tomorrow of what it looks like! He wasn't so sure about this since he does not like his hands to be dirty! 

See mixing with a spoon instead of his hands! 

After this, he noticed it was on his hands... didn't like that too much. I helped him a bit with making the state and then let him go wash his hands.

Here is he cutting out the state of Delaware that he drew. He then glued it to his worksheet.

He wrote the state name, state capitol, and what he thought it looked like ( pointed finger but he just wrote finger). He also did a fun worksheet for Delaware that was finding the twins. It was very simple and he just had to color two ladybugs that looked alike! 

There were a few things we did not get to do but we will do them this week. For our first day we did enough and he had fun! 

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