Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 9

This week has flown by for us. It was the start of public school this week ( Monday) so we took that day off. Just because.

The rest of the week went by pretty fast for us.

In Language Arts this week Monster worked on writing a friendly letter and conjunctions. He also had a set of harder spelling words, but still got them all correct on his Spelling test.

In Math this week we reviewed subtraction. I just wanted to review this with him before we moved on. Next week he will work on graphs.

For Social Studies this week we began talking about Communities. We started with Rural Communities and will move onto Suburban and then Urban. We have found tons of activities to go along with this, but finding actual lessons has been hard. I have been just coming up with my own and throwing them together for him. We discussed what land types are in the Rural Communities and what people do for work and talked about what farmers do with their crops and animals. At the end of the whole lesson we will talk about how each community is different and each is alike.

We also started Journal time this week. I needed a way to get him writing more and this seemed like a good fit for him. I find writing prompts or come up with them, write them in the top of his journal and then he has to write about the topic.

This week in Science we talked about light and shadows. We discussed how light can not go through a solid object and that is how we get shadows.

I also threw in some Reading Comprehensive worksheets and we started a online Spanish program ( more about that later ).

Here are some highlights from our week:

We set Monster up with a new workspace. In this photo he was using his ipad to look up words in a dictionary.

Playing with shadows. 


He created his own little farm ( rural community)

I caught him while he was thinking :) He likes to stand up sometimes while he works. 

Now for a fun photo:
I took him out in a field to do a photo shoot and he hated it. This was the best picture I got of him in front of where we live. Yes, HE LOVES THOSE OVERALLS! ( from H&M)

Also, my niece started Kindergarten this week!!! I am so proud of her for having such a great week so far! Although we miss hanging out with her and her mom, we hope she has a great school year! 

*this photo of her is from my photography page, that is why there is a copy-write on it :) 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week 8

This week has flown by. I really can't believe that it is already Thursday. I feel like our weeks just get started and then they are over!

This week has been pretty simple and easy.

In History this week Monster started reading Who was Jesus. Again, I let him pick out each book he reads. Tomorrow he will put together his timeline for this book.

In Language Arts he is working on Lesson 8. We are going over contractions and synonyms. Today I added in an extra synonym worksheet to go along with his lesson. 

( yes he corrected the one he got wrong when he noticed it )

In Math this week he is working on Mental strategies and Chance. He has been doing so well and flying through most lessons. He decided to double up and do some of the more simple lessons to get ahead. I will let him as long as he is really understanding it. So far, So good! 

Science has been put on the back burner this week, but we will be picking it back up starting next week. 

We have also been swimming this week and he has been riding his scooter! Today we woke up to an overcast, but with temps in the 60's so we headed outside to scooter around before we did any school work! This weather is weird and not normal for Texas in August! We had to take advantage of it! 

Hoping this weather sticks around for the weekend! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 7 of 3rd grade

Do I even call it week 7? I mean he has been working on 3rd grade Math and other lessons for more than 7 weeks. So we are in Lesson 7 in our Language book...

Time is flying by it seems. I feel like Summer just started and now Summer is coming to a close. We haven't even been able to go to the pool much the last couple of weeks because of how HOT it is here in Texas. I figure we can stay indoors now and when Fall hits we can spend several hours outside enjoying the nice weather.

This week has been pretty easy.

In Language Arts, we are working on Lesson 7 in the yellow book. Most of it had to do with contractions which he is already familiar with. His Spelling words have all been pretty easy for him as well. He usually gets them all correct every week.

In Math this week he learned all about Decimals. I was a little nervous going into this lesson. His lessons are all done online with the instructions and questions. I sat with him to make sure he knew and understood both the lesson and the questions. He got 100% on everything. I added in some extra review worksheets this week over multiplication, division and decimals. Just to make sure he is retaining the information.

In History this week, we started the Who Was/Who Is series last week. Last week we studied Leonardo Da Vinci and this week Monster wanted to study Stan Lee. He is reading the book during the week and then creating a timeline to go along with each persons life. Next week he will read Who was Jesus. I am letting him pick each book he reads for this.

For Handwriting this week I am trying something new with him. Another blogger I follow posted on her Instagram her daughter using a salt tray to practice cursive letters. Monster gets frustrated easily when he tries to write out the letter and they don't turn out the exact way they should. So I made him a salt tray and printed out just a few letters for him to practice. Over the next few weeks I will add more and more letters. I will also add in blank handwriting paper for him to practice the letters on when he feels like he is ok with writing them. We have used other booklets in the past and they have worked some but I don't want him to get frustrated when his don't look just like the books. So we are trying it this way for now.

Since out Language Arts did not include Reading this week, Monster has had free reading time. Plus we are reading together at bedtime. We started book 4 in The Magic Treehouse Series.

We have skipped Science this week. I am looking for some new fun experiments to do with him.

I love watching him work out problems.

He also helped me cook dinner last night. He is usually not a fan of getting anything on his hands. He did really well, but as soon as he was done he ran to wash his hands. 

Public School here starts on the 24th of August. We are planning a field trip that week. Haven't decided which day yet, but we are looking forward to getting out and about with less crowds! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Break 1 over!

We made it through our first break during our year round homeschooling! Monster had plenty of time to rest up and chill out while I got him ready for a weekend of fun at church camp!

Him and his Dad left with over 100 1st and 2nd graders for their mini camp weekend last Friday at 2:30 pm.

They were off and I was left with nothing to do! Only because my plans on both evenings just happened to get cancelled or rescheduled! I literally had a weekend where I had nothing to do. Church on Saturday night, but other than that I relaxed, cleaned some and relaxed some more! 

My boys got home Sunday afternoon from camp. 

He had a blast and was so tired from all the fun he had. Next year he goes for 5 days instead of 1 full day and 2 half days. 

On Monday I allowed him to take the day off from any school work and rest up! We usually do schooling Monday through Thursday. But this week I told him we could do Tuesday through Friday. 

We also found Reading Rainbow on Netflix! This was a favorite of mine as a kid. Monster has really enjoyed it as well. 

Tuesday, Monster really wanted to wear an old Halloween costume while doing his school work. It needed to be washed. So HE washed it and then put them in the dryer to dry! 

He also decided Tuesday to make himself lunch. 

We were finally able to sit down and get some school work done. I bought this little desk while he was gone to use for a upcoming photo shoot I have. He decided he would use it for now as his work space. 

That brings us to this morning where I woke up to this in my face. I am thinking this costume just might disappear again... 

We have also started a new History that I will be showing you all once he gets a little bit more through it. We just started it today. 

Math is going great with him using CTCMath. I have really enjoyed him using this program. 

Language Arts this week we are reading The White Stallion and learning different parts of the horse. 

Science is him picking out a science kit from our stack and us working on it. 

History I will share soon :) 

He also has free reading time and book reports I started him on the week before break 1. This is just helping to get him to read more and write more. 

Awanas also starts back in Sept. and this year he will be in the older group and he is very excited about that! 

Hope everyone has a great day! We have been staying indoors this week due to the extreme heat we have here in Texas right now. It is even too hot to swim... 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Funtastic Unit Studies Review

We were recently given the chance to review Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers from Funtastic Unit Studies.

Funtastic Unit Studies Review
About the company:

Funtastic Unit Studies was created by homeschool mom Susan Kilbride. Susan noticed some homeschool families were nervous about teaching Science to their children. She came up with Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers to help homeschool families find an easy way to teach their children Science. She uses some of the same ways she teaches her own son in her books. 

Susan has also started the Our America History series. They are chapter books intended to teach children about American History from the people who lived during the time. 
Susan has also created a Kindle e-book called: How to teach about Electricity for ages 8-13. 

About the product:

Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers is a hands on approach to Science. This approach engages the child, helps them promote a love Science and learning in general. This book contains 20 chapters. The first 10 chapters are geared for younger children, mostly children 4-7. While the last 10 chapters are geared for the older children, mostly 8-13. Each chapter teaches a certain Science concept. 

Right now you can purchase this book online:
Amazon- $15.26
Rainbow Resource Center- $15.95

What we thought of the product:

We used this product a couple of times each week. Each unit can last up to two weeks depending on how much time you take on each unit.  Monster is 8 so I kind of felt like the first half of the book was a waste for us. It would be nice if there was the option to just buy the last half of the book or the first half for those who don't want or need the whole set. I think if you have more than one child in the age range of this book it is great because you can use it for multiple ages, but for having an older child, I would of just wanted to purchase the last half of the book. ( just an idea!). 

One thing I noticed while using this is it says that the supplies that you will need are mostly household items. Most items we did not have on hand. I am a fan of Science kits that have material included or at least some of them included. This does not. This is just the Science book. Some items we even had a hard time finding and had to use what we could find. Just make sure to be prepared ahead of time to do some shopping for the items that you will need for each activity. 

Most of the chapters have more than one activity to go along with the reading. There are also recommended movies to go along with some of the chapters. At the end of the units there are test for your child to make sure they remember what they learn. Since I only have one child this could be done in the book. However, if you plan to reuse the book for other children it is best this is done separate. 
Monster did enjoy a few of the lessons. We love hands on activities which this book has a ton of. There is not a bunch of worksheets which is something that we like. 

If you would like to try out a free unit to see if this might be something you would be interested in purchasing, please click HERE for a free download. There are two different downloads available to download. There is a Plant Unit and a Molecule Unit. 

If you would like to see what others thought of this product, please click the banner below:
Funtastic Unit Studies Review
Crew Disclaimer

Comfort Research Pool Petz {Review}

What do you get when you combine:

  • 2 College students
  • Old bean bag needing better stuffing
  • Bruised tailbones
  • Mattress pads
  • and two hours
???? You get the start of a wonderful company called: Comfort Research. That was all it took for Matt Jung and Chip George to make a new and improved seating option! Since then their company has expanded to several other items as well. One of them being their Pool Petz.

Monster and I were recently sent a Pool Petz from Comfort Research. We received the Turtle Pool Petz
Monster was thrilled when he opened the box and found the adorable sea turtle! He asked if we could go swimming right then and there! Of course!

After using the product I noticed some great things about the Turtle.

  • The Turtle is made out of a UV resistant polyester material. 
  • The Turtle also uses 100% recycled foam beads. These swell up when wet and are smaller when dried out. In the water though they always go back to help the float stay floating! 
  • Because of the material used, the Turtle is able to drain fast as well.  
The Turtle was a favorite at the pool. Several kids wanted to play with it and we let em'! This Pool Petz was able to be floated on, tossed back and forth and thrown in the pool and still came out looking brand new! I also was able to use the float to hang onto and float around while the kids played and it held me up very nicely. 

You can order this Turtle and other water animal Pool Petz HERE 

They also carry these animals:
  • Shark
  • Turtle
  • Whale
  • Octopus
  • Fish
  • Dolphin
They have a few different sizes depending on the one you order and prices vary. 

* we were sent this product as part of their comfort research testing program. All opinions of this product are mine.