Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer so far!

We have been super busy so far this Summer and it is not slowing down! The first week of Summer Monster had his assessment test! We won't know the results for about four weeks... The week after was VBS! In 2 weeks we will be heading down to Houston for 2 weeks! Plus, we have been swimming in between all this, had a playdate with a friend and had my niece's first dance recital!! Like I said busy...

Monster LOVES to swim, but only thinks he can swim with goggles and a snorkel... not sure how that came about since last year all he needed was the goggles and he would even swim to the bottom of the pool.

Vacation Bible School 2014

Last week we spent the morning at our church VBS. It was greatness! This years theme was Wild Animals. Here are a few pics.  These were taken on the last day of VBS.

Our kids raised $28,000 at just this campus. With all our campuses together we raised $32,000!!! That money will go to help feed children in Haiti and help our local food pantry! 
This was one of the mornings I walked in to take pictures! LOOK HOW MANY KIDS WE HAD!!! Just for K-4th we had 1800. 

We also helped out at one of our other campus church in the evening. Thankfully it is not as large and this was their 1st year to have a VBS and we had about 50 kids every day! It was great for their 1st year! So glad we got to be apart of both VBS this year! Monster had a blast at both!