Friday, December 4, 2015

Goodbye, See ya later, Farewell

However you say it it always means the same. Someone is leaving. Whether you see them again or not is the difference in the way you take the goodbye.

I am saying goodbye to the blog. Starting January 1st, 2016 NOW I will no longer be publishing any more post on here.

I started this blog as a way to keep up with our homeschooling, but as time went on I felt I was posting about the same things over and over and well, after a while that just gets boring. I loved getting to share our homeschooling journey with everyone that followed ( the few of you out there that actually followed along). I feel like what I wanted from this blog I never was able to gain and I am over it. I am done trying to come up with new post daily or weekly that don't resemble the post before it and try to catch the attention of more to gain more followers. Just not my thing.

I also never started this blog to make money. I am not one of those bloggers that set my sights on hoping this blog would earn me income in any way. That is just not what I wanted it to be about. Nor did I ever need it to be about income.

 I loved getting to do reviews from companies. However, it was hard just finding companies that wanted to work with such a small blog. They always wanted the bloggers that were bigger in numbers. My only problem with that is how does a small blog even get a chance to grow in numbers when no one is working with them? If one company worked with a small blog and posted about that small blogs review then more viewers would view the small blog and the small blog would gain numbers. Instead everything goes to the bigger, well known bloggers, giving them larger numbers than the smaller bloggers and yet again pushing them farther back. I don't have the time to compete against the bigger bloggers anymore. Bloggers who are just starting out are going to have a harder time getting their foot in the door competing to get product reviews when the companies don't want to work with the smaller ones. It really does remind me of how people complain about when people shop at the large retail stores instead of a small business. I feel like it is the same. These small bloggers are never going to be able to grow if no one supports them and no one works with them. Every time a small blogger gains numbers, even just 1 or 2 followers, the larger ones are gaining 100's and as a small blogger we just can't catch up.

People may think this is about being jealous of the larger bloggers... it isn't. I promise. Like I said, this blog was never made to make me any profit, but even posting I feel like I am constantly posting the same thing over and over and it even gets boring for me to try and write it out. When I read other blogs too I am seeing a pattern. I don't want to be apart of that pattern. I see bloggers posting an art craft and then another blogger posting the same one but having one thing different, then another posting the same craft but another part is different. Really? It is the same craft. So what if you use red for the apple and they used green. It is the same post, same craft, same art supplies. There is only so many ways of doing the same art craft the same way. Or posting about resources only to find 10 other bloggers have already posted that same post. It also seems like there are some bloggers who are required to post about a certain topic and you can read about the same topic on 5 different blogs but it is from their point of view, but after reading all 5 blogs they made the same point. Yeah. Like I said, I don't want to be part of the pattern.

For all the companies out there I have worked with. Thank you. Thank you for putting your trust in a small blogger and allowing me to share your products with my followers. I really love that you were willing to take a chance on a smaller blogger and show them some love by letting us do a product review for you! Thank you!

To all of my followers. Thank you for following us and our homeschooling journey. I love that I was able to share our journey with you these last 3 years.