Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 8

Today we did things a little bit different to start off. Monster woke up and we had breakfast, but instead of heading straight to the school room, we went to the park! It was a nice morning so I thought we better take advantage of it before we hit the high for the day! ( as I type this we hit in the 90's today and now we are having some much need rain! Just hope it last longer than 10 mins!)

While we were at the park, we noticed the ground and how dry it was. We haven't gotten much rain lately (and the rain that is here right now is already starting to stop 6 mins later!) We discussed how the ground is so dry that is it cracking. I told him we need to pray for lots of rain to come our way! 

Not sure if you can see it but the dark spot in the middle is a huge birds nest we saw! 

Monster found this on our walk. Poor butterfly was already dead and ants were eating it. We discussed how sometimes animals just die and other animals eat their bodies. Morbid, I know, but he asked! 

He was sad for the butterfly! 

Working in his journal! Today he wrote about wanting to take a vacation on a Disney cruise! Me too kid! 

Working on Math! Today we learned about the ones and tens place. 

Here he is working on a crossword for Science. He did really well on this one too!

He is filling out his cards (see pic below). 

The cards he had to fill out he had to write something about each thing he learned. So we went through them together, wrote what he said on the board and then he copied it on each page of his mini-book. Then he glued it inside his Science notebook. 

Today, our big project was creating a solar system. It said we could use balloons or paper so we went the easy way. He cut out some circles. 

Glued some clouds around Venus. 

Colored some land for Earth. Added Jupiter's red spot, a ring around Saturn, some red glitter to Mars (for the "red planet") and colored Pluto gray.  

I put some glitter on some stars I had to add to our wall! Instead of hanging them from string, I put them right on the wall!

Close up

Close up! He did so good and had lots of fun doing this! Next week we start our lesson on the sun! 
He also did his first Spelling test. I told him if he could use two of his sight words in a sentence at the end I would give him extra points and he did! He got all his words correct too! Tomorrow we go to co-op again! 
And the rain has officially stopped and the ground is already drying up :( we need more rain! 

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