Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 15

We are having such beautiful weather today! I am thankful for this because I believe that helped in having such a great morning! Monster was able to do all of his school work with the windows open and fresh air coming in. I love Fall! 

Day 15- We started off with reading from his Phonics book. This book says that for the first 40 lessons the parents should read to the child, but Monster can read. I have him read me the story and then we discuss the questions at the end of each one. He did a Phonics worksheet as well. He learned about adding the silent "e" to the end of a word and changing the short vowel to a long vowel to make a new word! He loved doing this and would say the word, then add the silent "e" and say the new word! He did very well on this! 
Here he is reading for me. I took a picture of him working on his worksheet but it was blurry when I uploaded it. I dream of owning a nicer camera one day ;) 

Math: Basically, he is doing a bunch of reviewing. We are working on tally marks, addition, and tens/ones places. He is doing very well on his Math. He actually did two lessons today with no problem! 

Social Studies: We continued our discussion on Pennsylvania. Monster thinks every time you say Pennsylvania he needs to say " It sounds like Hotel Transylvania!" Today, we talked about their state flag and that Pennsylvania is home to the Hershey plant. On Thursday, we will watch a video about the factory and have a taste test of different chocolate bars! Today, he colored the state flag to hang in our room!

Very focused! 

He was using my phone to look at the state flag for the colors! 

After Monster was done for the day, I had set out a fun activity for him if he wanted to do it! 
Puffy paint! I only have two colors right now because I ran out of salt. Hoping to get more soon so we can add more colors. Today he made some pumpkins and a spooky house. 

He really enjoyed this activity and I have left it out for him if he wants to come add more through out the day. I told him once we get more colors he can add those in too if he wants too! 

That was our day! Hope everyone else is having a beautiful day as well! 

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Christopher Wood said...

You are amazing! Thank you so much for loving, caring for and educating our child.