Monday, September 9, 2013

2nd week of homeschooling!

Monday has come yet again. Monster got up this morning and the first thing he asked me was what day was it. He knew Monday meant school. We had breakfast and he did his journal first. He wrote about his favorite thing he did this summer. He wrote about going to the beach. I am working on him with writing more than one sentence for a journal entry. I am hoping by the end of the school year he will be writing at least three or four for his journal.
I have to remind myself he is only 1st grade and not used to doing his journal this way. Last year they drew pictures with their journals. 

Second, we did Math. This week we are actually using our Math workbooks. I pulled the first two lessons out and we did them. Monster was able to do them very quickly. (and yes he is in his pj's. He said he wanted to stay in them because his nose was )
Here he is writing 0-9.

Doing his dot to dot 1-50.

I did not get a close up picture, but we also worked on ordinal numbers and number lines. 

He is working hard! 

This week I also introduced sight words. I have a list of words he should know and be able to spell by the end of 1st grade. We went over the words right before school started for us and out of 300 he got 12 wrong (reading them not writing). So this week I wanted a fun way for him to learn his sight words. Some of them seem like they are review from last year because I know he had some of them in Kindergarten. As the year goes on the words get longer and harder! 
I had a ton of these bulletin board letters left from when I actually taught Pre-K. So, I laid them out, called out the word and he had to find the letters and spell them correctly!

He spelled them all right! Tomorrow, he will rainbow write his sight words. On Thursday, I will give him a spelling test. He should do fine this week with his words because these are all words he learned last year. 

Next we did Social Studies. We are still working on Delaware. He can tell you the capital of Delaware ( Dover), the state flower (peach blossom) and the state bird (blue hen chicken). Which we learned about today! He did his animal report from our Cantering the Country book! We looked online for information to fill in about the Blue Hen Chicken! 

He had to draw a picture of the Blue Hen Chicken!

We also found a website here that had games for each state. We clicked on Delaware and he was able to play a memory game. One card would have something like Dover and you had to find the card that said The capital of Delaware. They had the capital, state bird, state flower, state tree and nickname that you had to figure out! Monster surprised me and did very well on this! I guess he is listening! :) 

So that was today! Monster is doing very well. Oh, I almost forgot! We went to our first co-op classes on Friday! He loved it! He is taking two classes at the moment but we are debating on a third since he has such a long break in between the two. If we do sign him up then he will be taking a Medieval Times class also. He is also doing Awanas this year and yesterday was his first class. He had so much fun and was able to tell the leader his bible verses! John 3:16. He actually only had to say the first line last night but he told her all four lines he needed! So now he gets to start his big book when we get it! I am so proud of him! Plus he has two buddies in there with him. One we know from church and is in his classes at co-op and the other little boy is from his school last year! Monster was very excited to have both of them in class with him! 

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