Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 16

Day 16- Today was another great day. Every morning I let Monster decide what he wants to do first and then we go from there. Today, he wanted to start with Math. 

Math- Today I introduced the equal and not equal signs to him. He got this very quickly. He again, did two lessons today. 

Here he is working on equal or not equal. 

Circling the taller object, then the smaller one. Also reviewing tally marks. 

Phonics- We read two short stories. Then Monster worked on two lessons. We worked on the beginning sounds th, ch, and wh. Along with the same for ending sounds. We also worked on adding words in to make a complete sentence and he did a fun crossword. 

Science- Today we worked on some more information about the sun. He worked in his Science notebook and wrote down facts about the sun. 
We worked on figuring out the facts together and ones that he remembered from our lesson. I wrote them on the whiteboard and he wrote them down in his journal. Then he used my book to create pictures to match the facts we wrote down. 

He is creating a solar flare in  his journal. 

He is working hard! 
We are still having nice weather but it wasn't as nice as yesterday so no open windows today. I can't wait for the weather to cool off officially so we can enjoy more days with open windows! 


The Zookeeper said...

Such a little cutie that you have learning so much - He looks as if he is really enjoying his schooling.

Kelli Wood said...

thanks for your comment!!! He really is enjoying it! I am so thankful we made this decision for him and our family!