Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 20 & 21

Day 20 Monday: To start things off, we got up and went to the doctor! Monster has some bumps on his legs and stomach that we wanted checked (again). We have had them checked twice before but they kept spreading and getting worse so we got it checked again by a third doctor. Same thing but this time he will be on oral medicine to see if it helps. 
After the doctors appointment we came home and started our homeschooling with Phonics and Reading. 

We were working on capitalization and punctuation. In this picture he was saying Wow! Look at that car! and having to decide where the ! went. He did so well on all of this!  

Working hard with his sucker from the doctors office. 

In Math he is working on reviewing order placement, time, addition, tally marks and skip counting. 

We also worked on our new state New Jersey. He did his state notebook report and he colored a map of New Jersey! This week we will also label the map.

I just noticed too how he went from pants on to p.j shorts on, then to p.j shorts on but no shirt. Silly kid! 

Day 21 Tuesday- Today we started with Math. I let Monster choose every morning which topic he wants to do first so that it is not a fight. He is loving Math. He is doing so well with it too! We worked more on addition, time, skip counting by 2's, and equal vs. not equal. He is not really needing much help. I just kind of stand by in case he has a question. 

Thinking hard! 

Working on his reading. 

Working on long vowels and short vowel words

Putting words into the sentence to make it complete.

This is our Science. This week and next we will be learning about Mercury. Today he colored the planet in his Science journal.  

Such a great student! 

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