Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tuesday ( Day 1)

The last two days ( Tuesday and Wednesday) Monster and I have hardly been home. We were surprised Tuesday with my husband walking in the door and handing me a note for a scavenger hunt. We had 20 minutes to get ready.

After getting ready and figuring out where we were going we headed to the Dart station. One of the items on the list was the ride a train. Well in Dallas, TX the closest thing to a train is the Dart. So we got our tickets and hopped aboard!

Monster LOVED the Dart. He was excited to be able to stand up. Since we left in the middle of the day there was hardly anyone on the train. We had the whole cart to ourselves for most of the trip. 

Our first stop: eating a cupcake! My husband and I love this place called Smallcakes. If you live or visit anywhere near Mockingbird Station, please stop and get one. They are amazing, like melt in your mouth amazing. 

We all ate one. 

Next back on the Dart and off to Downtown Dallas. 

Monster got off the Dart and said " We are in New York!" No sweet love, we are far from it. He really wants to take a trip to New York. 

We walked a few blocks and headed towards the park. On the way I spotted this and was able to check metal sculpture off my list. By the way, this is at the Dallas Art Museum which is free. The only thing you need to pay for is their special exhibits. We did not go in this trip, but I plan on taking Monster back soon! 

Next we arrived at one of our favorite parks. Klyde Warren Park. 

Food Trucks! Yum. We got a snow cone from one to try it out. We got a small and it was huge! 

Inside the park, they have tables all around, a dog park, restaurant ( Savor), games you can borrow to play, books you can borrow to sit outside and read, water fountains, a childrens park, and over all a wonderful environment. There is also living spaces right on the other side of the park and I told my husband about 100 times how amazing it would be to live downtown, even if just for a year. I would love that experience. 

I mean look how amazing this is. This is the entrance into the childrens park. 

Monster enjoying the nice weather and the water play area. 

After the park, we walked around several other places getting more items checked off our list. Then we got back on the Dart and headed all the way to North Park Mall for a picture of turtles, Yes, we went all that way just for turtles. 

On the Dart bus. The Dart train doesn't go all the way to North Park Mall, so we hopped on the bus to take us there. Monster loved riding all the Dart services! 

And then there were turtles! 

Then we headed back on the bus, then the Dart train, and finally home! Where we made homemade pizzas! 

Day 1 of our family fun day was over, but we had no idea when we woke up that day 2 of our family fun was about to start! 

Stay tuned.

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