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Lord Heritage Home Office Review

HomeSchool Office Review

I was recently given the chance to review the HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage.

Lord Heritage is an web based program to help you organize, plan and schedule your homeschool lessons. You can use this program with any homeschool curriculum of your choosing. It also works for one or more children you are homeschooling. 

We received a full year of this program to try out. 

The program is biblically based and uses the acronym P.O.W.E.R

P is for Plan- this is where you can plan goals for each subject, set up lessons for each child, create projects, keep up with your homeschool budget, and stay on schedule. 

O is for Order- this is where you can schedule lessons for your child, place reminders for upcoming activities or events, and create customized list for your family. 

W is for Work- this is where you provide student access to their daily schedule, you can also print them from here. Manage your daily to do list and follow along with the daily lesson plan.
E is for Evaluate- this is where you can track your child/children daily attendance, hours they are working on lessons, maintain their grades, and manage any requirements your state might have. 

R is for Report- this is where you will comply with state regulations ( if you must), generate transcripts, and customize any reports you must do.
How we used this program: I will admit, I really struggled with this one. With having the one child and being almost completely done with our homeschooling when I got this did not help. I am also more of a pen and notebook type when it comes to mapping out our day and schedule.  I really like the idea of this program and being able to use it if I had more than the one child. 

Logging in and setting up was pretty easy. I found that because we did not have much left with our schooling, there was not much to put into the system. We don't schedule a lot of outside activities other than our co-op, piano lessons and field trips here and there. Again, I would rather have those in my planner than on a computer. When I am out and about I want to be able to look and see if I have anything scheduled. As for work, since Monster is completely done with his 2nd grade work and moving onto 3rd ( and we have not received our new set yet), I am just letting him do review work. 

We don't really have a schedule that we set. We don't do work from this time to this time. We plan our day, day by day. Another reason this program did not really work for us is I had nothing to schedule. Monster is also not really of age ( or grade) that we keep grades. We also do not keep attendance or hours as our state does not require any of this. Monster is also not of age to even begin to worry about transcripts, so that was of no use to us either. I could not do to much with this program as it did not fit our needs.

I really feel if I had more than one child, was starting this at the beginning of a school year, had a child in a higher grade level or had state regulations we had to follow, it would be more helpful to us. 
And just because it was not a good fit for us does not mean it would not be a good fit for your family! 

Please research and check out the other reviews by clicking on the banner below! 

They offer an annual subscription for $79 and you can try it out for 30-days free! 

HomeSchool Office Review

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