Monday, March 16, 2015


Today I woke up early.

Well for me it was super early.

I was able to see the beautiful sunrise this morning.

Gosh, isn't it pretty. God is pretty amazing. 

After I was able to watch that beautiful sunrise, I laid back down and waiting for Monster to wake up. I told him last night if he wakes up before Mommy to go read a book. Well I guess I fell back asleep because next thing I know he is whispering in my ear... "mommy." So much for reading a book kid! 

He climbed in bed with me and fell back asleep. How fair is that? I mean I am wide awake now. 

Once he decided he was ready to wake up again we got our day started. He had breakfast and then started a new handwriting book. 

(review to come for this one)

Since tomorrow is St.Patricks Day I had him read about St. Patrick.

Then it was Math time. We are still using a new Math program (stay tuned because I will be posting my review on this this week!)

Monster loves this program.

Since today in Texas we have nice weather, and the next few days won't be, we ventured outside for a little bit. 

Monster got some new shoes. I love them on him! 

The red berries are starting to pop up outside on the trees. Spring is starting to arrive finally in Texas! Monster was saying he was hot already. It is like 72 outside. My kind of weather. The next few days is supposed to be rainy. Guess I need to be working on some indoor activities. 

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