Thursday, March 12, 2015

Boys room (real life struggle)

When we moved into our apartment last year I really thought I would love the space. I mean we live at the mall people! We do love getting outdoors and walking around, but when we are inside, it is different.

I have a hard time decorating with my husband because we are so different ( is that a good thing or a bad thing?!). When it comes to one room of the house we agree.

Monsters room.

Monster loves superheroes. So we tried to make his room fun by using what he likes. We have two large photos in his room. One above his bed at the moment and one on the wall going into the bathroom. Other than that I am at a lost on what to do with his room. I always feel like I get these great ideas and then when it comes down to it, it does not look the way I wanted.

Boys rooms are so much harder than girls!

Here are a few pictures. I would love any ideas or help I could get.

These pictures were taken this morning so you can see how it is in real life! (Not even editing to the pictures!) 

So this is standing in the doorway looking in. 

Another view of standing in the doorway looking in. That shelf in front has most of his Art supplies, the ones that did not fit are in his closet. 

Standing in his room. That door goes to his bathroom.

Standing in the bathroom door, looking in.

Another view from the bathroom door.

His closet. I put his desk in there because it took up way too much space in his room and now is used for legos. I feel bad though since I really don't want him playing in legos in his closet. 

Another side of his closet. It is crazy large. Old Ikea shelves work as his dresser for now.

Standing in his closet looking out. The shelf there hold his computer that he only uses for his microscope. The shelf holds his Science stuff. On the one door I have posters of weather related things and cloud types. This little black table he uses in here or brings in the living room to play with. Those poor green chairs need more filling, but really I would be ok with getting rid of them. Only problem with that is when his friends come over to play video games they actually use them. 

I had so many great plans for this room when we first moved in and now I just look at it and shut the door. It really stressed me out. His books for reading are in a closet in his bathroom or on a shelf in our living room and I would love to put them all back in his room or hang a shelf in his room and rotate the books out. 

I love his full size bed because he needs room to move around ( kid tosses in his sleep!). I went cheap with the bed from Ikea and ended up with the wrong baseboards, so every few days they fall and I have push them back up. 

His bedding at the moment is black sheets and whatever blanket. My mom had made him a quilt but it has a small rip in it, so I put it up till I can take it back to her to fix. 

He also has a few superhero masks that I would love to hang on his wall somehow, but no clue where to even put them. 

And don't even get me started on the plain, boring, ugly carpet these apartments use... 

So, please share with me your tips, tricks or even photos of the hardest room there is to decorate...boys rooms.

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