Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dr. Seuss week

Monday started a new week along with Dr.Seuss's birthday! I know some people may think Monster might be a little older for Dr.Seuss, but I beg to differ. 

We started the week by going to our local Barnes and Noble and picking up Who was Dr.Seuss. Great book with a lot of information I was not even aware of. Monster really has enjoyed reading a few chapters each day. 

The one thing I do wish I had was a printer to create a worksheet to go with this book. 

Today's project was a in the moment decision last night. I had to run to Michaels last night to pick up glitter for another project and when I saw the sticks I knew what I had to do... 

First, Monster started off by reading The Cat in the Hat. I told him what we were making was in this book and he had to read it to figure it out. 

He did not quite get what we were making after reading the book so I told him.
Then we measured his head with the tape and cut it to the right size. I let him use all the chenille sticks on the tape. 

Once done I taped the back ends together. 
Thing 1 or 2's hair! 
Well till it took it off and it all fell apart. Got this duct tape at Michaels and it would not hold these sticks in there. Oh well, he had fun creating it and we saved the sticks for another project :) 

Our next project was a writing project. I wanted to get his mind working. So we read (this time together) Oh, the Places You'll Go. Then we cut out the hot air balloon. Monster then took a piece of paper and wrote about where he would travel if he could go anywhere. He choose New York. 

After reading his paper, I noticed a couple of mistakes. I thought about making him change them, but I also want him to learn and to grow in his writing. I want him to be able to look back and go " I went from that to this." He is taking a writing class in August at co-op. I am hoping this helps with his writing skills! 

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