Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet em' Mondays

I have decided to try something new on the blog.

I am introducing Meet em' Mondays.

 Meet em' Mondays will be where I introduce other homeschooling families that I have interviewed with a few questions. I know new homeschooling families tend to look for others and have questions. I figure this will be the perfect place to introduce new families to families who have been homeschooling either a year or several years. It is always a good idea to get involved in a homeschooling community and I figure this might be a great way to do that. After all, everyone who homeschool's is part of this wonderful community already.

 For my first Meet em' Monday I would like to reintroduce myself and my family. I have several new followers and would like them to know who we are and why we choose to homeschool.

 I am Kelli. The mom, mom blogger, stay at home/homeschooling mom, and the wife. I started this blog back in 2013 as a way to document our homeschooling journey. Before that I wrote from my craft blog: Living in a Monsters World. 

 I graduated high school in 2003. Went to college for 2 1/2 years to become a teacher. I wanted to become a teacher after having an amazing Science teacher who gave me encouraging words. Although I never finished my degree to become a certified teacher ( got married and had a kid instead), I started working in childcare and really found my place there. 

 Right before Monster turned 3 I was able to start my stay at home journey with him. I am so thankful that I was able to. This is when I began to really feel like maybe I could actually homeschool my son. 

 When Monster was of age to go to Kindergarten we decided to send him to our local charter school. I have no regrets. I am glad that Monster and I both got to experience him being in a school. It also helped me decided that yes, I can do this homeschooling thing! 

 We have been homeschooling now for the last two years and loving our decision. We live in a very homeschool friendly state. Texas. I also have a very encouraging husband who I am thankful for and the fact that he trust me with our sons education. 

 This is Monster (not his real name I promise!). Monster turned 8 back in February. He is an only child (we have yet to determine if that is permanent or not). He is the oldest grandchild and can be OCD sometimes. But, we love him. 

 Monster is a very hands on learner, yet he does not like to get dirty. His favorite things to learn about are Science, Christopher Columbus ( he said so!) and watching educational movies (again his words!). Monster would be considered 2nd grade this year, however, as of right now he is done with 2nd and working on 3rd grade. One of the best things about homeschooling is moving at your childrens pace. 

 Monster enjoys being outside, playing video games, hanging out with his friends, swimming, playing piano and play Legos. He is also a huge super hero fan! Favorite today is Wolverine. 

 Monster really enjoys homeschooling. I work at his pace and his level. We also are very flexible when it comes to a schedule. Sometimes we start our day when we first get up and sometimes we wait until later in the afternoon to start. This year we began year round schooling with breaks when we feel we need them. Monster enjoys this better than being on a tight schedule. Neither of us like rushing when there is no need for it. 

 This is my husband. The thinker and hard worker. We have been married 9 years this month. 

 He works for an amazing company. They are such a family friendly company. He loves his job and the people he works for. He works hard and really enjoys it. 

 He enjoys being outside when the weather is nice, reading and cooking. 

 He really encourages me in our homeschooling. I am very thankful he does. 

 So there you have it for the first Meet em' Monday. Next week I will introduce a new family and ask them some questions. 

 If you have any questions you have been wanting to ask a homeschool parent, please feel free to either leave them in the comments or email them to me at: 

 Your question may be used in one of the interviews! Or if you are a homeschool family and would like to be introduced on Meet em' Mondays please email me and we can set it up! 


Aliciaadorns said...

What was your biggest reason for choosing homeschooling? How do you make sure your child has regular interaction with peers? Would you ever consider public or charter schooling in the future, and why or why not?

Breezy said...

How did you choose a curriculum? How do you handle the family schedule?