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Critical Thinking Company Review
GPALOVEMATH is an web based Math program from GPALEARN. Their online program is for grades Kindergarten-5th grade and provides lessons, practice and quizzes. Each grade level has a cute little character to guide them through their lessons. Right now Monster is using 3rd grade, so his guide is Abacus. 

This program can be used on your computer, MAC, iPad and Galaxy Tablet. 

If you follow the program, your child can complete a grade level in about 10 months if your child/children complete between 4-5 lessons each week. You have three paths to follow and you can't move to some lessons until you complete others as some of them work off one another. 

A neat feature is the reward system. Parents can create rewards on the parent dashboard so their children can earn rewards depending on how many lessons they complete. Parents can create their own rewards or children can earn a reward out of the shop using the points they earn completing a lesson. You can earn 3 gift cards per year, but as many parent rewards as the parent out on there.  

We were given a full year of GPALOVEMATH try out. Monster has been using this daily and completes 5-6 lessons a week. 

What we think:
We love this program! I plan to continue to use this with Monster through 5th grade ( secretly hoping they continue to add through 12th grade!). Monster has done amazing with this program. He does not complain about doing Math. He can even get on himself and start the lesson. I really like that it locks them out of a lesson if they have not completed other lessons first. That really helps to know that they are going in order and learning certain steps first. Monster was frustrated with this because he really wanted to work on multiplication, but he had to work more on the teal path first. This gave him motivation to work the lessons.

I love that the program starts with what they are going to learn about. They are even asked questions during the lesson that they have to think about and answer in their head. Once they get to the practice area they have 3 life lines they can use. Monster has only had to use one and that is because even I was stuck on it. Another great thing about the practice is if you answer a question incorrectly it gives you a little back button instead of the check mark. This lets the child know to go back and try again on that problem instead of letting them just move on. If the problem is correct they get the check mark to move to the next question.

 Once they are on the quiz it only gives them 15 questions. Which to me is perfect. Not too much and not too little. Just the right amount to make sure the student is understanding the problems. At the end, if the child missing any, you can go back with your child and it lets you see their incorrect answer and the correct answer. On the few that we have had to go back on this has been great to show Monster what he did wrong and make sure he understands. I love that it gives us this option and does not make us just move ahead. Also if the child does not get at least 10 problems correct it will still give them a few points, but it will also make them repeat the lesson so they get a better understanding of the lesson. 

One of my favorite things is the emails the parent is sent after the child completes the lesson. I love this because I do not have to sit with him and make sure he understands it. The emails I get after every lesson tells me how long it took for him to get through the complete lesson, how many problems he got correct and which lesson he completed. I love that I can review it all from my email after he is done. Sometimes the lessons only take 20 minutes if it is something he believes is easy. I think the longest lesson he has done was 35 minutes and that was because he kept going back to make sure he understood what it was asking. 

One of Monsters favorite parts is after the lesson and before the practice, his little robot plays some music and dances. This is actually really great for kids who might need a little wiggle time before moving on. Some children don't sit well for long periods and this is a perfect little break in there. Children can get up and dance with Abacus in Math 3. 

I think the only thing we were not hugely fond of was the voice of the robot. He was a little hard to understand at times and pronouncing some of the words. Thankfully Monster can read almost every word in the problem so he could go back and read it himself if he needed. I think if it was just a regular voice it would be easier to understand. Other than that, we love this program and I have already shared this with so many people looking for a great online math program! 

You can order this program for a year at $149.00 or $12.99 per month per child. HOWEVER, right now they have a special going for a years worth of K-5th grade you can get it for the price of $129.00. Just use coupon code: GPAINTRO15

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