Monday, March 30, 2015

Meet em' Mondays ( The Howard Family)

Welcome to our 2nd Meet em' Mondays.

This Meet em' Monday family is a family friend who has been homeschooling for several years.

Family: The Howard Family

How long have you been homeschooling? 13 years

How many children do you have? 3 daughters

What are their ages? 18, 16, and 13

What made you initially decide to start homeschooling? My husband and I agreed before we got married that our kids would never go to public school. We originally thought they might go to a private Christian school (although Homeschooling was always in the back of my mind) but God gifted us with a third child.  That settled it for us - no way we could afford private school for 3 kids. 

What does homeschooling mean to you?  A chance to spend more time with the children God gifted me. The opportunity to individualize curriculum based on learning style and needs and the ability to ensure my girls are taught about God and teach them about the world in a safe environment. 

Do you think homeschooling is for everyone or child by child? I'm sure there are some people that shouldn't homeschool, but I certainly feel that is a minority. 

What resources are available if you do not understand how to teach the material you are supposed to teach? We have really appreciated Teaching Textbooks for math. We have also utilized our local co-op for science classes.

How does a homeschool student receive credit for classes in order to get into a college? My oldest is attending a 4 year college as a freshman this year. My second is taking college classes concurrently with high school classes at a local community college. 

I created a transcript modeled after one I saw online. I ordered the diploma from HSLDA.

Thank you to the Howard family for answering our questions for our Meet em' Mondays! Stay tuned for the next Meet em' Monday where I will interview another homeschooling family. 

* these answers are from the howard family and these are their views.

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