Tuesday, March 10, 2015

North Texas Irish Festival

This past weekend Monster, I and Hubby went to the North Texas Irish Festival. We had never been and I was hoping for some educational moments for Monster.

We arrived and went into the first building... all dogs and products for dogs. The NTIF helps the SPCA. Dogs were allowed at the event. So we left that building and went to the next.

In this building we got to see Irish dancers. Children- adults dancing. It was fascinating to watch the children dance like that. Even Monster seemed to enjoy it.

After we watched a few we walked over to the food trucks. You had to have coupons in order to buy food. So I had to walk back to the front to get coupons. Hubby and I had a very yummy burger and Monster got a corn dog. Just like him to order that! I really wanted to try a Irish food while there. Couldn't find anything till later.

After we walked a little outside we walked inside another building that had music and vendors. Seems most of the festival was either music or vendors. They had a few in the back of one building that talked about the different clans and family names.

We ended up staying only a few hours. We don't drink and it seems that was a big thing at the Irish Festival. I was able to get my hands on a Scottish Sausage.. not that great, but at least I can say I tried it. Monster refused to even try it.

I do wish the festival had more for children, more history of the Irish and maybe some more hands on things. There was a petting zoo but you had to pay for that on top of tickets. To me that just didn't seem really right. I mean you pay for tickets, you should be able to enjoy a very small petting zoo.

It was fun to spend a few hours walking around and doing something we normally would not do. I can say we have been, but don't think we will be going back next year.

( A group from an Irish dancing school dancing) 

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