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PianoWithWillie Review

JazzEdge  Review

We were given the chance to review PianoWithWillie "Studio Access" for a year from JazzEdge 
Since Monster already takes piano lessons I thought this might be a fun extra for him to try out. 

About the company:

JazzEdge was founded by Berklee College of Music graduate, Willie Myette to place all of his jazz education and performance ventures under one "roof." Today it has expanded its educational resources to encompass piano lessons in jazz, funk, latin, rock, gospel and blues styles along with lessons for homeschool families.

About the product:

PianoWithWillie is designed for students/children/adults who have some piano lessons behind them already. This program could also be used with students/children/adults of the ages required who are willing to commit to practice times and their lessons. 

PianoWithWillie has over 3,500 lessons your child can take. Depending on your child and their experience with piano you can set them up with lessons that range from beginner to advance to even professional. 
With Studio Access you get:
  • Unlimited access to 3,500+ lessons anytime, however many times you need them. 
  • Instant access with any device. 
  • Personalized piano plans. 
  • Access to the online user community.
  • All styles of lessons from Jazz to Rock to Blues and Gospel.
  • Live chat with the support team anytime you need. 
  • Downloadable MP3 tracks with printable sheet music. 
  • 30 day guarantee. 
One of the first things you get when you log into the program is the Piano Start. This is a step by step guide designed to help you get started. The guide includes:
  1. Step 1- Getting Started
  2. Step 2 - 30 day success playbook
  3. Step 3 - Piano foundations
  4. Step 4 - Using the site
  5. Step 5 - Next steps

Studio Access to PianoWithWillie cost $49 each month. There is also the option of doing it quarterly for $99 or annually for $399.  You will also get a monthly newsletter with any of the memberships. Whoever is using this program will need access to either a piano or a 61-key keyboard. 
JazzEdge  Review
What we thought of the program:

Monster takes piano lessons once a week right now as well is required to practice his lessons from his teacher for an hour each day. With using PianoWithWillie he is able to use this whenever he wants. He can do it for extra practice when he gets bored of his regular lessons. Monster was great with following along with lessons. He was able to go back if he had any trouble and go over a lesson again and again if he felt he needed too. 

Another really great thing is the fact that he can pull it up and use it on his Ipad. He is able to put the Ipad on his stand and follow along perfectly. 

Another great thing I really like is the mom can do lessons as well! I have never taken lessons before but being able to follow along to his lessons are great. 

JazzEdge  Review
JazzEdge also has:

Easy Piano Basics for $59.95 and DrumsWithWillie for $299 with different levels to choose from. 
You can find PianoWithWillie on their social media:
If you would like to see what others thought of this product or would like to see what they thought of the other two product they offer, you can click on the banner below:
JazzEdge Review
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