Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VBS last week ( it was AMAZING!!!)

Last week we had some special visitors come stay with us.

Our niece and nephew.

They are four and full of energy!

They normally live in Houston with their Mom and Granny-ma, so we borrow them for a week here in Dallas.

We had a blast with them. Since they stayed with us the week our church was doing VBS, they got to experience VBS for the first time ( the preschool way!). They loved it!

They were ready for VBS!!!! 

Performers on stage on the first day! 

This is just a small portion of the amount of children we had! Here is a better picture of the whole room. 

From both sides of the room! 

Monster has always been in Groovy Green! 

He has always had some amazing leaders and this year he was paired with two of his favorite people and then a new friend as well! 

Monster LOVES the music part! 

On the last day of VBS the K-4th get blow up slides. This year my husband was in charge of rec time, so he also included a few different games so the kids weren't having to wait in those long lines! 

Our preschoolers also get bounce houses and our 5th graders get their own stuff over at what we call Beach Blast! 

I think my husband enjoyed his first year as Rec leader as well....

Give him a microphone and a megaphone and he is all set! 

Now for some facts about our VBS:

2,572 -- the number of kids who attended VBS last week
911 -- the number of volunteers who helped lead them through an amazing week
36 -- number of kids who prayed to receive Christ
349 -- number of kids who indicated they are ready for baptism
$21,000 -- dollars raised to go towards mission work

Talk about amazing!!!! We already can't wait until next year!! 

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