Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stained Glass (art project for kids)

I love finding new art projects for children to do. I also love finding all the different ways people post how to do the same project.

One art project that has been on my art bucket list for the summer was stained glass windows.

I have seen these made in so many different ways.

Here is what we did.

I got 4 frames from the dollar store, Elmers glue and gel food coloring. We mixed the glue and food coloring into bowls and made four different colors. I put everything on the table and let the children do their own thing.

They turned out beautiful. The twins took theirs home to their mom and she hung them up in the window.

We are going to visit them in Sept for two weeks and I have more art ideas to do with them. They both love doing art so it is a great way to keep them busy! 

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