Monday, June 29, 2015

Learning about Coal

Today we put aside our Apologia Science book ( Animals 6th day). We pulled out a lesson on coal instead.

A couple of months ago I got this free kit in the mail. I thought we would do it right away and we never got around to it. So, today we pulled it out and started it.

Monster enjoyed it. There are a few reading pages the children can color and then they have some activity pages as well. We were also sent samples of coal to explore, which is something we love when we are sent items to do hands on learning with.

We will be studying coal for the rest of the week as well. Here are a few photos from todays lesson:

We are not sure what the gold stuff is. Monster said it was real gold and we are rich... sorry kid it does not work that way lol.

We used our microscope Monster got for his birthday to look up close and take photos of our coal samples! If anyone is looking for a wonderful microscope click HERE

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