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CTC Math Review

CTCMath Review 
We were recently given the chance to review the 12 month family plan from CTC Math
CTC Math was created by well know Australian Math teacher Pat Murray. 
Pat presents each lesson in a friendly, step by step way. The lessons are very logical so that they are easy to understand and retain. One of the greatest things about CTC Math is you can learn at your own pace. You can start in your child's level and if you need to move them down or up you can easily do so. CTC Math is available for grades Kindergarten through high school levels. Pat Murray writes and teaches each lesson online. You can use CTC Math alone or even as a review for your children who you think may need extra practice. 

Monster has been using the 3rd grade CTC Math. Each lesson is anywhere between 4-9 minutes long. All of his so far have not been over 4 minutes. A great thing about the videos are if he doesn't understand the concept he can review the video until he understands it. Monster is also about to pause the videos as needed to take notes in his Math notebook. This is great so that he has something to look back on if he needs help as well. 

Another great thing about this program is it is available 24/7. Which means we can use this program whenever and wherever we wish. Monster and I like to do school work when we feel ready for it for the day. Sometimes we do school work in the evenings and sometimes in the morning. Using this program gives us the option to do Math whenever we feel it is time for Math. 

When using the program, I have noticed that it lets you decide what lesson you do next. Monster was over doing Adding and Subtracting. So, for now, we skipped over it and went straight into multiplying.  He has almost finished up with those lessons and will be moving right into Division. After you feel like your child has completed what they need to know in that level or they have completed the whole level you can move to the next. Monster and I have looked over some of the 4th grade Math and he is very excited about trying it out, but we have stuck with 3rd for the time being.

After each lesson and questions it gives you the option to print out their questions and answers with their grade. It also keeps track of their grade on their dashboard. After the student completes each topic you are given the choice to print out an award which gives their grade for the whole topic all together. For those of you needing to keep track of records this is a great added bonus. Since we are in Texas we are not required to keep records, however, I like the print out the awards at the end of the whole topic with his grade to keep track myself of how he is doing. 

This program also sends out a weekly email on how your student is doing and which lessons they have completed. This is another great way to keep track of what your student is doing each week. I can sit down with Monster at the beginning of the week and tell him which lessons need to be completed during the week or how many lessons ( if I let him choose which ones) and then I can see through the email if he is completing what he needs to complete each week.
I think CTC Math is a great math program and would recommend it to others. If you would like to order CTC Math click here

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Prices are:
(Single student)
Monthly: $11.97
6 Months: $50.80
12 months: $78.80 ( best plan, savings of $118.20)
(Family plan 2 or more students) 
Monthly: $15.97
6 months: $78.80
12 months: $118.80n ( best plan, savings of $178.20)
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