Friday, May 29, 2015

Flooded Friday

Here is Texas, over the last few weeks, we have gotten a ton of rain and storms and more rain. Our lakes were so low one side was dried up and the other side was very low you could see an old bridge. Now, however, we aren't in a drought anymore. No, actually parts of our area are flooding.

Thankfully we live up on a hill on the 2nd floor of our building. We woke up this morning after a crazy storm last night, to flooding across the street from us. There is a creek behind all the trees and I believe that creek has flooded and now, well I will let the photos speak for themselves....

We are supposed to get more rain tonight, but I think with the hill being as high as it is we won't see any flooding on the street hopefully. 

This has been a great time to study weather too. I told Monster as we walked around this area, these would be great for his weather journal! We also got to talk about how the pressure from the raging waters pushed part of a fence down. He thought this was neat to see. Hopefully we won't get to see anymore any closer!! 

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