Friday, May 1, 2015

Catching up ( More Teeth pulled and going here and there!)

This week we have seriously been taking it easy with not doing a whole lot of school work. We have had other things going on...

Monster had another tooth pulled Monday. Huge roots again!

 Spent the night with his Aunt and cousin Tuesday night.

 Wednesday was piano.

Thursday we had our co-op's Night of the Stars performance. Monster got to show us his art work he has been doing this year in class and then he got to sing for his choir class.

Today we had co-op. Only 3 more Fridays to go and then co-op is over! Sleeping in on Fridays. Well only until VBS in June, then we will have a whole week of getting up super early since we help out!!

Last week, we left Friday morning for Spring, TX. My little brother got married, so we got to travel down there and spend time with family. Monster enjoyed getting to dance and sing on the dance floor most of the night!

I am so ready for the weekend. I feel like ever since last Friday we have been non-stop going! Time to relax! I do have some reviews coming up and a new post about somethings we are working on. 

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