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A+ Interactive Math Adaptive Placement Test and Individual Lesson Plan Review

A+ Interactive Math Review

We received a three month subscription to A+ Interactive Math's Adaptive Placement Test and Individual Lesson Plan for review for three months. 

A+ Interactive Math  is an online based, multi-sensory Math curriculum. This program is for both homeschool families or public schools, who wish to help their children improve their Math skills. 

The Adaptive Placement Test  program offers students the chance to check for understanding of the current grade level they are in to see if they’ve mastered concepts before moving on to the next grade level.  This is great to use as an end-of-the-school-year test to see if your child has mastered their current grade level in Math or if there is something they need to work on more. 

The Individual Lesson Plan part is great because it tells you what your child should be working on if they are struggling in any area to help close any learning gaps. That way they can move onto the next level without any problems. They also offer short online instructions to help your child review the material before retaking the test. A great thing about this is they can watch and re-watch as many times as needed to help them master the lesson. 

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individual Lesson Plan is $29.99 for the 1st student and $10 extra for each student afterwards. These are 3 month subscriptions. They are having a sale right now 40-50% off and it will end 5/18/15. Make sure to order before price goes back to regular pricing.

A+ Interactive Math Review

What we thought of the program:

Monster used the 3rd grade level for this review. 

The first thing I really liked about this program is how easy it was for Monster to log in himself, find and launch the program. He was given his own log in and it was just a click of the button to log into the test. I was able to tell Monster when he needed to log in and take the test and he was able to do it all on his own. 

Another piece that Monster and I both liked was there was just enough questions on each test. They do not make it too long or too short. To me the number of questions is just enough for a child taking the test. The test is timed also, but Monster never ran out of time. Actually, several times he was done way before the timer was done. I will say, make sure your child has a pencil and paper ready to work on any problems they can not work in their head. 

Another great plus is the test has different levels from 1st grade to Algebra. So if you feel your child needs to go back a level or even up a level, you can change the level of the test for free and see what area your child can master or needs help with. Right now, I have Monster working on 3rd grade. He has not finished 3rd grade Math yet, but so far he has been able to work on the test with no problems and we can see what area he needs to work on and what area is mastered so we can move past that area. 

One of my favorite areas is when I log into my account ( separate from his) I can see his scores. I can see which test he has worked on and which ones he has left. I can see his scores of the test and see which ones he has trouble in. I like this because I don't have to sit over him while he focuses on the test. He can do the test himself without any pressure from me, I can then get online later and see just how much he has done. I am also able to review each test and any missed problems. I can look at these and see how he missed the problem and what I need to go over with him based on his answers. 
Overall, Monster and I both enjoyed this program. I think it works well for what it is meant to do.
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A+ Interactive Math Review

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