Friday, May 22, 2015

Week of May 18-22nd

This week we have been home most of the week. Staying home, but staying busy.

Monster worked on Math, Vocabulary, Reading, Handwriting and some outdoor time while the weather was nice. Here in North Texas we have been having storms off and on all week long.

Today is also our last day of co-op for the school year and for us, the next year. We decided to take a year off and then see where we are lead to next.

Here are some fun photos from this week:
Monster decided to wear two different shoes out... and I let him... pick your battles :) 

Monster working on Vocabulary online. 

Working hard in Math. 

May 19th was national scooter day. So we got outside and scooted... Mama needs a scooter to keep up with this kid! 

Hubby and I had a date night at our local Painting with a Twist. I had a blast. I really enjoyed it. Hubby said it stressed him out. Guess next time I should go on a girls night. And yes this is the cloak from Harry Potter. 

Beautiful sunset we had. We have had lots of rain and usually with a pink sky it would mean more rain coming. Surely enough. 

Monster got a much needed haircut! 

Using a new website ( which I will be reviewing in the upcoming weeks), we watched a movie on Dolphins. 

Monster and Mommy ( and Daddy and his work) supported a great cause from TOMS. #withoutshoes on Instagram. 

To end the week (well besides co-op today!) Monster and his friend got to go to Build a Bear last night and create their minions! 

This week was a good one. 

Stay tuned for more reviews and updates coming soon...... 

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