Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update May 12, 2015

I can not believe we are already on day 12 of May. Where does this time go? We have been so busy lately I feel like I hardly have anytime to sit down and write anymore.

I know yesterday we skipped Meet em' Monday. I will have a new one up next week. I am still looking for any families that would like to be interviewed via email, so if this interest you please message me.

Monster has been so busy lately. He finished up his 2nd grade Awanas. We had the ceremony/awards at church last weekend. Monster has now completed K-2nd grade Sparks and next year he will be moving to T&T. He is very excited since he has a friend in that age group that he will get to be with. He keeps asking me already when is it going to start again!

Math- Monster is still working on 3rd grade Math. He is working on it using GPALearn and now a new online program as well that I will be sharing soon. So far he has done well with both programs and has been liking 3rd grade Math. I also pull worksheets off mathaids.com and use those as needed.

Language- Still waiting to order his 3rd grade curriculum for Grammar, Spelling and Writing. Right now he is using an online program for Vocabulary ( which I will share soon) and he is doing quite well with it and loves it. To him it is more like a fun game. I should be ordering the rest of his 3rd grade Language curriculum this week. For writing he is currently still working on cursive using his workbook 1 New American Cursive from Memoria Press

Science- we are using different things. From Magic School Bus to online program to Pinterest. We have discussed several different topics. Our main one lately being weather. Our weather here has been very stormy lately so it has been perfect for a weather lesson.

Music- he is still working on his piano and taking his piano lessons every Wednesday.

Art- I have kind of lighten up on the Art. He will be finishing his Art class at co-op in the next two weeks and I have several fun projects to get ready for summer time.

We are still doing 30 mins of reading every day as well. I let him pick the book he wants to read each day.

Social Studies- I have not done much with him on this yet. I am getting prepared though as I have found lots of fun topics to start covering with him.

We are also working on a 2nd language. We are working on Latin. This has been a learning experience and I will be sharing more in the weeks to come.

I will leave you all with a couple of fun photos I took last week.

 Oh yes we did!!! And it was a blast. And no it is not paint... that would be cake and tons of icing. It was a mess, but it was so much fun! 

* copy-write photos are mine and may not be used or taken without my permission. 

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