Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Last week and now this week we have had several rainy days. Most of Texas has! We have had to reschedule field trips, find more entertaining things to do while indoors all while working on school work. 

Monster has found that since he can not go outside to ride his scooter ( because of the days on end of rain!) He can scooter in our hallways outside the front door. Great thing about our apartment. Indoor access. So Monster has been doing this daily now. 

He has really enjoyed this and I like that it still gets him up and moving even though it is raining outside. Thankfully our neighbors are all pretty nice and don't mind him doing this! 

We also like to have nerf gun fights in the hall, in the house, and well anywhere really. 

We took this chance to clean and organize his room as well. His closet is still a huge work in progress. I need containers.... lots of containers! 

There was a break in between storms so we went downstairs to Auntie Anne's and got pretzels. Like an hour later storms hit again. 

Our storms have been pretty bad, but nothing like Houston. I have family down there and yesterday they could not make it into work. Today they were able to, but they have more rain this week. Houston needs prayers for sure. I was told the flooding has not been this bad since the hurricane hit in 2001! 
All the lakes here in Dallas that were extremely low are mostly back to normal levels. Thankfully. But we could use a little break from the rain. Monster really wants to go swimming!!!  

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