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Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth is a wonderful exploration of life in the liquid universe that covers more than 70% of our planet. 

This movie was filmed in Canada, Bermuda, Polynesia, Mexico and United States. This documentary celebrates the beauty and brilliance of the biological systems that make life in the oceans possible. Extraordinary cinematography and computer animation open stunning windows of discovery, including:
  • A spectacular tour of a dolphins internal sonar system- a mechanism so powerful and precise, the animals can locate and capture small fish buried in the sand. 

  • The magnetic compass embedded in the head of a sea turtle- a biological wonder that guides these long distance travelers as they journey across thousands of miles of open space. 

  • A Pacific salmon's amazing sense of smell- an elaborate navigational aid that leads the fish back from years in the ocean to the gravel stream bed where it was born. 

  • The power and majestic grace of a humpback whale- a creature whose existence defies the theory of Darwinian evolution. 
Each leg of this cinematic odyssey is highlighted by cutting edge research and compelling evidence for purpose and design. Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth is an unforgettable film that challenges scientific materialism with the timeless truth about the origin and complexity of life on Earth. 

Living Waters is the 3rd film in the acclaimed documentary collection: The Design of Life. 

What we thought: 

Monster and I really enjoyed sitting down together and watching this movie. Monster is at a great age where documentary type films are holding his interest. Being able to use a film as an educational tool as well is a major plus in my mind. One of our favorite scenes was watching the sea turtles. Watching them go from sand and find their way to the ocean. Monster and I both thought it was amazing learning how great of a memory they have and that they can eventually find their way back to wear their nest was to lay their own eggs. 

Another favorite was learning about the dolphins. Monster and I both love dolphins so getting to learn more about their internal sonar system was great since Monster is now at the age to actually understand it. 

I would recommend this movie to those looking for a great documentary and family friendly movie. 

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