Friday, October 16, 2015

Catching Up

Well, where has the last two weeks gone? We went to Houston for the first week of October and then got back and Monster was sick and now I am slowly getting over being sick. It's so fun.... (not)

I feel like I need to catch up with my readers.

While we were in Houston, I braved the traffic ( Houston traffic is worse than Dallas traffic!!) and took the 3 kids all by myself to the Children's Museum of Houston. It was awesome. The Twins and Monster had a blast. I do wish I had left my camera at home and just played along side them, but I wanted to catch their fun on camera for their mom who could not go with us.

The kids had so much fun, as did I! I would suggest that place to anyone who is visiting the Houston area! Great place! 

I also had a blast with them letting them paint outside. Which ended up turing into a paint war. 

Since we got back in town, Monster has been working hard. He got his 3rd grade Math completely done. YAY! Now he will move onto 4th grade Math. 

We have been studying the American Revolution in History. Doing some Science and still working hard in his Language book. Throw in some Spanish and his Reading and he usually has a good two hours worth of work he does daily. Sometimes longer depending on his mood. 

That catches us up without getting into every little detail. :) 

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