Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Sensory Box (older children)

Most of the time I never seen Sensory boxes for older children. They are usually geared more towards the younger ages. Monster enjoys Sensory boxes here and there.

Today while we were at the park I had Monster collect some things that reminded him of Fall. We then stopped by our local Target on the way home and picked up some different gourds.

Here is what our box is filled with it. 

Leaves- all kinds of colors too! I am hoping he will take the lead and maybe sort them out, or even do some leaf rubbings. 

We collect these every year. I was so bummed that this year there was hardly any :( They are huge! 

We found these. There are nuts inside. I am not 100% sure what kind. Maybe pecans? He will open and explore them! 

Paper and colored pencils. My hope with these are he will use the measuring tape to measure them and write in the lengths. He will use the colored pencils to draw and color in each item as well. 

Acorns. You can see the different types and sizes. These are off two different trees. 

We found this green stuff on the trails while we were walking. So we grabbed a little piece. 

Measuring tape to measure/ 

Different gourds! They are so fun in their shapes and sizes! 

I am hoping we can add to our box every time we visit the park and find something new. 

Do you use Sensory Boxes in your homeschooling? If so, please share how you use them! 

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