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Heirloom Audio Productions {Review}

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
Monster and I received With Lee In Virginia from Heirloom Audio Productions to review. 
Monster and I try and find interesting things to do for History since we do not have a set curriculum for History. I pull things from different places. When given the chance to review With Lee in Virginia we were very excited. We love audio books and we have already reviewed an audio book from Heirloom Audio Productions before so we were thrilled to try out another! 
What we received:
  • 2-CD Active Listening audio set with over 2 hours of audio to capture your child's imagination. Comes in a trifold case.
  •  Download study guide and discussion starter guide. 30 pages of discussion points, history learning guides and story related Bible study. 
  • A printable copy of a inspirational quote that was found in a letter from Robert E. Lee to his son. 
  • The official With Lee In Virginia MP3 download with the original music. 
  • Unlimited access to the Live The Adventure Letter E-Newsletter. 
  • With Lee In Virginia E-Book with all new colorful graphics.
  • Professionally designed printable posted with cast included. 
All of these are included in the family four pack which can be yours for $99.97

About the story:

With Lee In Virginia follows 15 year old Vincent Wingfield as he fights along side many famous Confederate generals of the past. Including Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee. General Lee's sense of duty and devotion to God inspires Vincent to take a stand for his country and fellow men. In the end though it may cause cost Vincent his life. 

This audio story has an amazing cast with voices from:
Sean Astin- from The Lord of the Rings
Kirk Cameron-Fireproof
Brian Blessed-Star Wars
Chris Anthony- Adventures in Odyssey
Kelsey Lansdowne- Curious George
Jim Weiss- Greathall Productions
and many more....

With Lee In Virginia is another amazing story from G.A. Henty. 

How we used this:
I allowed Monster to decide when he wanted to listen to this story. He, of course, was thrilled to receive another audio story. We used this as our History. Monster and I would listen to this story several times over the several weeks since we have gotten this. One of the best things is seeing how engaged Monster would become listening to this story. He would listen so intently and you could just see his mind working, creating pictures of the story in his head as he heard the words!

What we thought:

Of course we loved this story! We loved sitting together and listening to the story unfold. One of the great things is this set can be used for the whole family. We were able to use some of the study guide questions and discussion started questions to help us talk about the audio book. Monster I think is still too young for the study guide alone, but doing it as a family works really well for us. 

One thing I did notice about the study guide is there is not much room for writing if we were to print it off and use it that way. I would like to see more room for the students to write out their answers. 

I did notice in the study guide the different types of questions it had. There were Listening Well questions and Thinking Further questions. There were also Defining Words. The Defining Words were great to discuss with Monster when he was wanting to understand what a certain word meant. 

Overall, this is an amazing product and great for any family looking for adventurous audio books! I would highly recommend this to all of my family and friends. 

Heirloom Audio Production company has a few different buying options. You can order:

  • Download MP3 version for $19.97
  • Single Pack for $29.97
  • Family Four Pack for $99.97
Each set comes with free bonuses items! Click HERE to order

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With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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