Friday, July 24, 2015

July {is it really almost over?}

I feel like July just started and next week is the last week of July.

We have been so busy with school work, summer fun and getting Monster ready for church camp!

This will be his last year to do mini camp. It last 3 days. Next year he will get to go to big camp which last 5 days! Monster is very excited and already counting down the days till next years camp!

Here is a quick update of our busy week.

This past weekend my mom ( Monster's GrannyMa) came up from Houston to visit! Monster was very excited she did! We went shopping, out to eat and took her to one of our new favorite places where we live. Steel City Pops. They have yummy popsicles! My mom also gave me some lessons on sewing this weekend. That was fun and I learned I need more patients for rounding corners while sewing!

For two days Monster was on a drawing fix. Seems like I need more drawing paper now... he found this book that I had from when I used to sell Usborne Books and used it to draw some pictures. It is called How to Draw Animals.

For school this week, Monster completed Fractions in Math. He received platinum level on the overall lessons and scored 100% on his test. I was very pleased as I HATED Fractions in school. ( Really all Math I hated... ) 

For Language he has now completed all 5 lessons in his yellow book and his first assessment. This upcoming week he will be taking his first break ( since we are year round schooling), and after he gets back from camp we will begin with lesson 6. I am very excited to start Lesson 6 as it has us reading chapter books. 

For History we were studying Ancient Egypt and you can read more about that HERE

For Science we have been working on a few Magic School Bus kits. The last one was a bacteria one and it did not work as well so we tossed it out.

I have also started him on writing book reports. He picks 5 books out of his huge stacks of books each week. He can read one a day and write a book report on it. I found a great book report paper HERE for now. Since he has not done book reports before I am starting him off easy. Easier books and reports and then we will work our way up to a more detailed book report.

Other than the basic school stuff, we have also been swimming and hanging out with friends and cousins before they all go back to school!

Next week while Monster is on his break I will be preparing for him and his daddy to go to camp for 3 days! I have a list of things to pack and make sure he has! 

I also have a new review coming up... Stay tuned.... 

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