Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Full Force Mode (week 4 of year round homeschool)

We are in our 4th week of year round homeschooling. Things have been going great so far.

This week Monster has been flying through Division on CTCMath.com and I have been throwing in some extra worksheets from math-aids.com

I am so happy that so far Monster has had no issues with Math. This was never my strong suit in school. Hopefully, Monster got his Math skills from his Dad and his English/Science skills for his Momma! 

Language Arts has been wonderful so far. We are on lesson 4 in the yellow book of Learning Language Arts through Literature. Monster has done fantastic as we have moved along. After next week ( lesson 5) Monster will get a one week vacation and then we will start with Lesson 6 which will then include reading assignments. 

Science we are doing a couple days a week. Last week we made slime/goop whatever you call it. Monster played with it for a short time and then wanted to wash his hands. 

We also made slime that you roll around in your hand till it hardens and it makes a bouncy ball. Well, I think something went wrong cause by the next day it was hard as a rock! 

Monster enjoyed making it though, so that is all that mattered! 

We have been working on Ancient Egypt in History and I will be sharing that with you in a separate post. Be watching for it! 

We have also had some fun P.E time.

Monster is like a fish! He loves to swim and would stay all day if I would let him. 

Stay tuned. More post and new reviews coming very soon! 

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