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CursiveLogic Review ( TOSReview Crew)

We were recently given the chance to review the CursiveLogic Workbook from CursiveLogic.

Cursive is something I feel very strongly about. I feel every child should learn how to write and read in cursive. Most public schools are no longer required to teach cursive. Since we homeschool we are able to choose what we teach and cursive is on my list!

CursiveLogic was originally created by Linda, who is a Harvard graduate, to help one student who just wanted to learn how to sign his name.

CursiveLogic is different from other handwriting methods. CursiveLogic relies on the inherent structure of the cursive alphabet. The CursiveLogic instruction method contains two key methods:

  • Letters Grouped by Shapes: four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. CursiveLogic teaches all of the similar letters in one lesson. 
  • Letter Strings: CursiveLogic teaches all of the letters that share a common shape in a connected string. This allows the letters to reinforce each other and means the student are writing cursively from the beginning. 
CursiveLogic also uses visual and auditory cues to reinforce the shape patterns. 
  • Color Coding: Each letter string has a theme color that helps the student remember the shape. 
  • Catch Phrases: the use of "verbal task analysis" or saying an action verbally as it is performed. It helps with the muscle memory and helps give students a mnemonic they can return to over and over. 
  •  Real Words: students can write real words at the end of the first lesson. This is a huge motivation for most students. 

CursiveLogic offers a 96 page full color  spiral bound workbook. The workbook includes instruction pages, practice pages, and even  three dry erase pages for extra practice day after day. All for a great price of $29!

 If you sign up for their newsletter they also send out printable practice pages!

CursiveLogic is geared for ages 7 to adults!

We used this three times a week during our Writing time. I would mostly allow Monster to use this at his own pace for extra cursive practice. After going through the instructions which I found very simple and easy to review with Monster, Monster would use the book and he found it very easy to follow along. Each lesson took Monster about 30 minutes to complete. To me that seems like a decent amount of time to work on Writing. We were also given some downloads to print off for extra practice.

I would recommend this product to others who are wanting their children to learn how to write cursive!

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