Monday, July 27, 2015

Sphero 2.0 {What is it?}

Back in February Monster got Sphero 2.0 for his birthday. I had seen it on social media and did some research on it and thought Monster would really enjoy having one. So we ordered him one.

What is a Sphero you might be asking? Sphero is an app enabled ball that does it all. It can change colors, complete challenges, earn tricks, and is even waterproof ( we have yet to try that one out!). Once charged up, Sphero can drive for 80 minutes. It can reach speeds of 4.5MPH.

Sphero connects to your smart device via blue tooth. We connected Monsters to his ipad that he got for Christmas. His also came with two small ramps for him to do tricks with Sphero on.

We downloaded the app that is just a basic app called Sphero on itunes and recently downloaded a new app that is called Sphero Draw and Drive. There are several other apps you can download to play with your Sphero. There are apps that also allow your child to learn programming. There are also games that allow the whole family to play along. These are called Tabletop games. You can find a list of all the Sphero games HERE

Monster has been playing with his Sphero a lot the last few days. He spent most of his morning out in the hallway of our place, playing with Sphero.

Monster has the Nubby Cover for his Sphero. We just wanted that added protection for his. 

I already have a list going for Christmas presents and these items for his Sphero are on there:
  • Sphero Turbo Cover-$14.99 comes in 3 colors: red, teal and carbon. I think we will be getting the red one! 

  • Sphero Terrain Park- $19.99 with 5 new ways to put the tracks together I know Monster will play with this for awhile. 

  • Sphero Chariot-$19.99- comes in 3 colors: blue, cyber yellow and black. I think for this one we will go with black. You can even add your lego creations to this and drive them around! Monster will love this as it combines two of his favorite things! Sphero and Legos! 
When you order Sphero it comes with your new little friend Sphero, two ramps, a charging station, quick setup guide, power adapter and tons of free games you can download ( see above link for apps). 

There are even lessons you can download, however, for those who might be interested they are aligned with Common Core ( just a heads up!). We have never used any of the lessons, we just use Sphero as a play item for now.

You can order Sphero by clicking HERE.

*this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share Sphero with all of you since we love Sphero so far! :) 

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