Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Comfort Research Pool Petz {Review}

What do you get when you combine:

  • 2 College students
  • Old bean bag needing better stuffing
  • Bruised tailbones
  • Mattress pads
  • and two hours
???? You get the start of a wonderful company called: Comfort Research. That was all it took for Matt Jung and Chip George to make a new and improved seating option! Since then their company has expanded to several other items as well. One of them being their Pool Petz.

Monster and I were recently sent a Pool Petz from Comfort Research. We received the Turtle Pool Petz
Monster was thrilled when he opened the box and found the adorable sea turtle! He asked if we could go swimming right then and there! Of course!

After using the product I noticed some great things about the Turtle.

  • The Turtle is made out of a UV resistant polyester material. 
  • The Turtle also uses 100% recycled foam beads. These swell up when wet and are smaller when dried out. In the water though they always go back to help the float stay floating! 
  • Because of the material used, the Turtle is able to drain fast as well.  
The Turtle was a favorite at the pool. Several kids wanted to play with it and we let em'! This Pool Petz was able to be floated on, tossed back and forth and thrown in the pool and still came out looking brand new! I also was able to use the float to hang onto and float around while the kids played and it held me up very nicely. 

You can order this Turtle and other water animal Pool Petz HERE 

They also carry these animals:
  • Shark
  • Turtle
  • Whale
  • Octopus
  • Fish
  • Dolphin
They have a few different sizes depending on the one you order and prices vary. 

* we were sent this product as part of their comfort research testing program. All opinions of this product are mine. 

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