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Legoland Grapevine (Review)

Monster and I were lucky enough to be offered the chance to visit our local Legoland. Our Legoland is located inside the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas.

Legoland opens at 10:00 am. Monster and I got there around 11:00am. We walked right up and got our tickets. The girl behind the counter was very friendly. She asked us if we wanted an activity pad. We got one and went into the waiting area.

The waiting area- In the waiting area they have lego building areas hanging on the walls to keep children occupied while you are waiting on your turn to enter the factory. They also have little lego shows going on the TVs. While in the waiting area you noticed little fun things like the guy coming out of the pipes! It is very entertaining for young children while they are waiting. We waited less than 10 minutes in the waiting area to enter.

Once the factory doors open Professor Brick-a-Brack meets you to show you in and how lego bricks are made in the Lego Factory

Once inside Professor Brick-a-Brack asks for a helper to get the machine up and running. 
(we were in there with two other children who were little and neither one wanted to help so Monster got to help him!) At the end they give you a little treat to take home with you! 

Once through the factory, you get to ride Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. A fun little game where you get to shoot spiders and other targets through out to help save the princess. Monster LOVED this ride and he ended up riding it 3 times while we were there.  After you get off the ride you have a chance to buy a souvenir photo they took of you on the ride! 

Once through there you are in the legoland play area! 

Monster really wanted to go watch the Lego 4-D Cinema. I did not know what to expect from Monster on this since he can be weird about somethings, but oh my goodness he LOVED it as well. I did not tell him what 4-D meant. He knew he needed the glasses, but had no idea that we would actually get to feel things. We got to feel strong air blowing at us, rain, and even snow! It was a very neat experience. Monster wanted to go back later and watch again. We ended up seeing a completely different show than the first one. They have a few different ones that play through out the day. 

After we left the movie we walked over to the Star Wars display. Monster enjoys Stars Wars so this was a neat little treat to see. 

I did take a bunch of pictures inside, but I don't want to spoil it for my followers! You must check it out! Great for any Star Wars fans and there are a few hands on items to play with in there! 

Monster and I then walked over to the Miniland. This is set up for the Dallas/Forth Worth area. It is so amazing how detailed everything is. I can only imagine the time it took to build and place everything in its order. 

I had to get a picture of Legoland and Sealife built out of Legos! It is just how it really looks on the outside! 

We also had to get this shot! Great Wolfe Lodge 
(hoping to take Monster for his birthday!) 

Again, I took several photos in this area, but I really don't want to spoil it for y'all! There are moving vehicles, it goes from light to dark and back again, fireworks go off on the walls, sounds of the city and even some interesting facts posted around the room! 

Monster then wanting to go to Forest Ranger Pursuit

He was the only kid in there. He enjoyed it and did it a few more times that day, but I think it would of been a lot more interesting if there had been other children riding around as well. The worker was very nice though every time Monster went back to ride again. 

Monster then chose to play in the City Play Zone and Fire Academy. In order to play in this area you must have socks on at all times and be between the height requirements of 40"-57". Monster was just about the line. I think if we went back next year or even in a few months he would not be tall enough to play in there any longer. He really enjoyed playing while Mommy sat and watched him. 

Monster moved on to the Earthquake Table. Children can build with legos some type of structure and then turn it on and see if it will fall over in a earthquake. We learned that if you make your build wider it was more likely to stand in the earthquake rather than a skinny building. 

Another fun ride they have is the Merlin's Apprentice Ride. Monster and I rode it together and then he rode it alone. I would say it is best to ride it with someone who has longer legs. You have to be able to reach the pedals to make the ride go up high. Monster had to scoot forward as much as he could to reach and actually be able to turn the pedals. I feel like those should be more in children reach since this is a childrens place. 

Around Legoland they have some cute little statues and things made from legos. 

Earlier I mentioned Monster getting an activity pad. After each area that you visit you take your activity pad and get a neat little stamp to show you did that area. This was an extra $4.50. It has little games inside the activity pad they can keep and do later if they want as well. 

Once you decide it is time to say goodbye you leave by walking through the Lego store. They have all kinds of different sets of legos. A wall of individual legos to purchase as well. Monster is a huge fan of legos and I think just being in the Lego store is enough for him. He loves checking out all the sets he wants one day. 

I mean who would not love that! 

A few extra things I noticed while there:
  • Cafe at Legoland: prices are pretty decent for their snacks, food and drinks. However, we did not eat there. Monster is extremely picky when it comes to food and there just wasn't anything he would of eaten there. 
  • Girls Princess Palace: you can most likely guess why we did not visit this area. But it is set up cute for girls with pink and white and has a karaoke area and a place to build your own microphone. 
  • Lego Racers: build and test: this is an area where you can build a race car and make it go down ramps. They have several set up. However, there were several younger children that were playing in this area and Monster was just not interested in getting in their way. 
  • DUPLO Village: GREAT for ages 2-5. They have larger blocks for them to play with so they are not a choking hazard (just in case!) and the blocks are soft for the younger children to play with. 
  • Pirate Beach: Geared for children 3-10 but fun for all ages. This is a small water play area they have outside. Of course only open during warm months. When open  it is included in ticket price already. 
  • Birthday Parties: They have party rooms for you to have your little ones birthday party at Legoland. 

Overall: Our visit was a great one. Monster really enjoyed his time at Legoland. I enjoyed watching him play and experience all the fun they had there. We did happen to go on a Toddler Tuesday which I was not aware that was going on. However, Monster did great letting the little ones play and making sure to stay out of their way. I think for the size of the place there is enough to keep the children entertained for a few hours. I will say I was a little bummed there was not more hands on for the older kids. I would recommend this place to anyone with children ages 1-10. I think they would really enjoy it. 

It is best to order tickets online and ahead of time. You get a small discount if ordered online. Children 0-2 years of age are free. Adults or children ages 3+ are $21.00 at the door or if ordered online $15.75. 

They have annual passes that you can purchase or they have combo tickets for both Legoland and Sealife (which is right next to Legoland). 

Check out Legoland today and plan your visit! 

* We were given tickets to Legoland Grapevine to use in return for an honest review. All opinions are mine and Monsters. 

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