Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dallas Zoo days

Last week we took Thursday off and went to the zoo with my sister in law and niece.

It was the perfect day for it as the weather was not too cold or not too warm. It was about 65 degrees.

Admission price for the Dallas Zoo is also only $5 for each adults and child during the months of January and February. So perfect time to go. There were other kids there but the zoo was not busy at all.

Monster loves getting to hold the birds and feed them. 

Kinley and her first time to hold the birds. She loved it! 

Alligator got him! 

It took him several tries but we stood there until he was able to flip this way! He was so proud! 

Yes! You get to feed the giraffes and get this close to them! 

He ate Monsters! 

Now he is going to eat the cookie in Kinley's hand! 

We love going to the zoo and the Dallas Zoo is the perfect fit for us. It isn't huge but there is enough to keep you there for a good few hours. We were there from about 11am till 3:30pm.  Best of all...kids had a great time! 

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