Monday, January 12, 2015


Today we started things a little different. Monster did not even get up till right after 11:00am. Crazy, I know! After he got up I made him bowl of his favorite cereal. His request.

Instead of jumping straight into school work like we normally have done, I had him pick between two toys to do. He choose the Zoobs. Which I love!

He made a cell phone out of the Zoobs! 

Next, I had him work on Language Arts. I went ahead and gave him his Spelling test for the week. He got them all right. Since he has worksheets over his Spelling words I figure at least he is still reviewing them. He knows them all for LifePacs 2 Unit 8. This week he is working on learning about Stories and what they have in them. So he had some vocabulary words I made him write out on a card and then write what it means on the other side. (Ex: characters, plot, etc.)

In Math we did expanded form today. So easy and even Monster told me, while I was teaching it, that is was so easy and he already knew how to do it. Well I had problems written out on the board so I had him go through and finish them... sure enough he got them all correct. We reviewed his 10 tables and then he did his worksheet. Super easy. ( We did not do Math until after lunch and after he played with his Snap Circuits!)

After Language, we stopped and had lunch. While I ate, he played with his Snap Circuits. He loves them.

This really worked out for us today. Instead of jumping in and doing all the work at once, we spread it out and he had time to engage in another activity before starting his next work. Tomorrow we add in Science. I still don't have much for History at the moment. I am trying to figure out a way to throw some in, but I know next year at co-op he will be taking a History class there!

Monster also starts piano class on Wednesday! I am very excited for this for him. I won't have any pictures though since he goes in alone. Helps him be less distracted. I am hoping he will like actually taking a class. 

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