Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to School (after winter break!)

I love homeschooling... while several people were going to work, rushing kids out the doors to school or daycare, people sitting in traffic, we were home... sleeping. I slept till 8:30 when Monster woke me up because he was dreaming about something funny and was actually laughing in his sleep. I dozed back off for about two hours, got up and made some breakfast while Monster slept. Till 11:30... Yeah guess he choose today to catch up on his sleep! 

After he got up he decided he wanted one donut. Yep just the one and then chicken nuggets with oranges since it was lunch time. Well ok then.

We started our school day by 12:15 p.m. He started with Language, which is still going great and almost done with! 

In Math he did two lessons which were super easy! I noticed he might be having trouble with subtraction or it might be the fact we just came back from a two week break and he needs to refresh! Wednesday we start multiplication. 

I don't really have much for History right now. We quit using our curriculum months ago because it wasn't working. I do want him to learn his states and capitals, so I downloaded that Stack the States game on his ipad for him to play and he seems to like it. My Aunt (who also home schools her girls) gave me some great things over the holiday so we might start studying presidents too! 

For Science we decided to do Human body this week and next. I got the kit from the Magic School Bus in the mail right before the holidays. This will be perfect. I already have some great and fun ideas for this one that I pinned. 

Today, he also started a new book. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He got the set for Christmas so this was great to start the new year off with a new book! 

It is 4:49 pm and instead of Monster asking to play his xbox like he has the last week, he is playing Stack the States! Yay for fun and educational apps! 

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