Monday, January 26, 2015

January is almost over?!?!

I can't believe the first month of the new year is almost over. It seems that it just flew by also. I guess us staying busy really made it seem to go by so fast. Hard to believe.

Last week we got to visit Legoland. (Review coming!!). Monster had his 2nd piano lesson! He is doing great so far with it. We were also just busy with school work. Monster is getting so close to being done with 2nd grade! I am so proud of how he is doing!

Today, he woke up, ate and got right to work!

He started in LifePacs. He did lessons 2.1-2.9 today. He did fantastic! Got all of his Spelling words correct while we went over them. Today we talked about Fact vs. Fiction and Analogies.

In Math today he did 3 lessons without even noticing it! They were all easy and simple lessons so I thought "why not!" I was teaching him one lesson about using the symbols <,>,= and he told me he already knew how to do that because he has played a game on the computer where the alligator eats the bigger number...well ok then. 

We were suddenly interrupted with our schooling when this started taking place right outside Monsters window. We of course had to stop working and watch them. Monster was fascinated with them. He wanted to know how the truck made the man go up. He wanted to know how he got back down. We talked about his job and what the man was doing. The guy on the ground was standing in the road and put on a bright green vest. Monster wanted to know why. So I explained. We got to watch how the man then came down and got out. While we were watching them we also played Spot the Difference between each man and each truck. That was Monsters idea and he found some good ones! After they left he finished up Math! 

We have not done much History this year. Our curriculum we got did not work well for Monster. I thought he did not retain anything from it. At Christmas my Aunt, who also home-schools, gave me some Learn our History DVD's. Monster sat down today and watch The Birth of a Revolution. I know he is a little young to really understand all of it, but he learns better through DVD's and audio when it comes to these. He really seemed to enjoy it. 

Today he is also working on his piano lessons. His teacher gives him assignments for the week and he works on them. 

This week, it is so nice here in Texas. We have decide we will be going to the Dallas Zoo one day this week! Ticket prices are only $5 a person and since the weather is so nice it is the perfect time to go! 

Stay tuned! I will be posting our review on what we thought of the Grapevine Legoland. 

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